You privacy is very important to us, therefore we have provided you this policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information. The following outlines our privacy policy.

Due to Android not having a MySQL library available, all connections are sent through the Boardies IT Solutions server, our server, connects to your MySQL database and runs the query, then the result is sent back to the Boardies IT Solutions server, and the response is sent back to your device. Although our server is used to connect and retrieve the information, we do not collect any personal information whether it is in the query that is sent from the app to the server, or the result set that is returned from your database.

Obviously, as mentioned your privacy and security is important to us, and therefore, if you do not want the Android application to use the Boardies IT Solutions servers, there is a PHP API available for you to view the code or download the source from GitHub. which you can install on to your own server, and configure the Android application to use this API instead of the default.

Within the application, there is a Crash Detection Library, this has been created Solely by Boardies IT Solutions, and helps to fix bugs and unexpected crashes within our Android apps. Although we do not intentionally collect personal information from this library, it is possible, that personal information could be captured within the stacktrace, however, personal information unintentionally collected within the stack trace, will not be used, other than to solve the crash, and will not be passed on or sold to any third party libraries.

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